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Praying with Power

Praying with Power

C. Peter Wagner

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C. PETER WAGNER reveals his personal approach to prayer, and provides you with practical steps for deepening and strengthening your own prayer life. Praying with Power leads you into intimate, life-changing communication with your Father, the almighty God.

Dr. Wagner answers personal, practical questions about prayer including:

  • How can I make my prayers more effective?
  • How can I hear God better?
  • How can I pray formy community?
  • How do I network with like-minded prayer warriors?

As a missionary for almost 20 years in Bolivia, Dr. Wagner’s interesting insights about witchcraft, two-way prayer, and corporate prayer introduce concepts you may not have previously considered.

Also provided are steps for establishing a prayer ministry in your church or small group, and how to use prayer to heal past wounds.

Discover today that Praying with Power brings you closer to God.

About C. Peter Wagner


Peter Wagner is the Ambassadorial Apostle of Global Spheres, Inc. (GSI), an apostolic network providing activation and alignment for kingdom-minded leaders of the body of Christ. He travels extensively throughout the world, helping to equip believers to minister in the areas of apostolic ministries, wealth, dominion, and reformation of society. Wagner considers this his “fourth career,” which he began at the age of eighty. His first career was serving as a missionary to Bolivia, along with his wife, Doris; his second was teaching in the Fuller Seminary School of World Mission (now School of Intercultural Studies); and his third was founding and developing Global Harvest Ministries, which includes the world prayer movement and the Wagner Leadership Institute. WLI now has over twenty schools in the U.S. and twelve more in other nations. The author of more than seventy books, Wagner lives with his wife in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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