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Prophetic Like Jesus

Prophetic Like Jesus

Jeff Eggers

Activate the gift of prophecy, serve people, and fulfill your purpose today!

The prophetic ministry was never meant to be hyper-spiritual, spooky, or off limits to everyday Christians.  You have the Holy Spirit living inside of you—this means that you too can prophesy!

In Prophetic Like Jesus, veteran leader and prophetic minister, Jeff Eggers, shares an easy-to-understand guidebook that shows you how to make prophecy practical in your everyday life. As you begin to operate in the prophetic, you will learn how to more effectively serve your world with the supernatural power and love of Jesus, and, in essence, to wash the feet of the saints and sinners with the “word of the Lord.”.

Get ready to:
  • Hear God’s voice with greater clarity and accuracy by understanding the different ways that He speaks
  • Unlock the supernatural gifts and prophetic abilities that the Holy Spirit has placed within you
  • Practice sharing prophetic words with others and as you develop your gift
  • Discover how you cultivate a prophetic heart by growing in intimacy with Christ
Hearing God’s voice is not difficult; it is one of the most natural things you will ever do as a Christian. It’s time to listen to Abba’s heart, say what He is saying, and empower others to experience God’s love, power, and destiny as you prophesy!

About Jeff Eggers


Jeff Eggers has over 40 years of ministry experience, including 10 years on the Staff of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO, where he helped give leadership to IHOP’s Healing and Prophetic teams. He taught and equipped in many IHOP internships and the IHOPU Bible College. Currently, he lives in Orange County, CA, where he gives oversight to the House of Prayer for All Nations and serves on the staff of the Blessed International Revival Church. He also continues to travel widely doing conferences and seminars.

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