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Pure Grace

Pure Grace

Clark Whitten

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Understanding the Logic of Grace

Self-effort and behavior modification that many Christians live under is a lie that has demoralized and defeated the church for centuries. A revelation of grace brings liberty!

"Grace is too good to be true!" It does seem too good to be true. But it is true! Liberty, freedom, joy, spiritual passion, hope, and a host of other benefits result from a revelation of grace. Spiritual revival is crucial for a maturing believer--and understanding grace is part of that process.

"Some statements and concepts in this humble attempt to explain the nearly unexplainable may shock your religious sensibilities, but please hear me out. I have been teaching and learning these biblical truths for decades, and they have dramatically improved my life and the lives of many others," writes author and Pastor Clark Whitten.

Intriguing and thought-provoking chapter topics include:

  • Are Christians Under the Law? 
  • Where on Earth Does God Live? 
  • Like Rats in a Maze 
  • Two Unchangeable Things 
  • The Next Great Awakening 
  • Saved Completely

Pure Grace is the gateway to becoming a fruitful, mature, and joyous disciple. Being a child of God can be fun and exciting again! Remember?

About Clark Whitten


Pastor Clark Whitten has pastored three mega-churches in his 35 years of pastoral ministry. In 2005, Pastor Whitten planted Grace Church in Longwood, Florida. For many years, Pastor Whitten has traveled across the United States encouraging churches through revivals, conferences, and speaking engagements. He serves on the board of directors of Marriage Today and Exodus International.


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