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Receiving Healing from the Courts of Heaven Leader's Guide: Removing Hindrances that Delay or Deny Healing

Receiving Healing from the Courts of Heaven Leader's Guide: Removing Hindrances that Delay or Deny Healing

Robert Henderson

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What To Do When Prayers for Healing Go Unanswered
The Bible is clear: God’s will is to heal! And yet, believers often pray for healing and do not receive it. Why? The answer can be found in the Courts of Heaven.
Robert Henderson is internationally recognized for teaching the Courts of Heaven prayer strategy, which has brought breakthrough, answered prayers, and miraculous transformation to countless lives.  In this Training Manual, Henderson helps bring you identify and break the hindrances that keep your healing from being released. 
You can use this resource in a small group or class accompanying the video sessions, or you can work through the transformational exercises individually.  Through the revelatory devotional entries, breakthrough prayers, and activations that help you implement the Courts of Heaven prayer strategy, you will actually go through the process of taking sickness before the Judge of Heaven and asking Him to render healing on your behalf!
Satan is the adversary to God’s will and God’s people. In the courtrooms of heaven, he brings charges against believers to prevent their healing. Through this interactive study manual, Henderson teaches you to align your prayers with the legal process of heaven to defeat the devil’s arguments.
You will learn how to:

  • Identifyhindering spirits, barriers and legal rights that prevent healing.
  • Breakcurses andstrongholds that give Satan destructive access to your health.
  • Pray in a breakthrough dimension according to God’s purposes.
  • Releasethe healing verdict of atonement from the courts of Heaven.

The Judge of Heaven wants to grant healing! Bring your prayers into His courts today!
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About Robert Henderson

With a passion to see the Lord's Kingdom come to earth in a tangible way, Robert Henderson is a man of undistracted devotion. Whether it is through the apostolic teaching gift that he has been given; the demonstration of signs and wonders or the governmental authority that flows from the Throne of God. Robert's teaching ministry through preaching and writing has gone around the world and impacted many believers. He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Mary for over 34 years. They have six children and four grandchildren. Together they are enjoying life in beautiful Midlothian, TX.