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Reflections on the Shack (Powder Room)

Reflections on the Shack (Powder Room)

Angela Shears

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Reflections from The Powder Room is an enjoyable discussion of The Shack as seen through the diva senses of four diverse women who meet again in the Powder Room online chat space. This unofficial companion guide exposes the real life side of The Shack and discuss: Relationships good, bad, ugly. Spiritual life natural and supernatural. Family life functional and dysfunctional. Their quirky selves. Whether you are a Christian, a nonbeliever, or a not-sure-about-religion person, these conversations will keep you smiling,and thinking long after you have closed the Powder Room door behind you.

About Angela Shears

Angela Rickabaugh Shears is a self professed conservative, mainstream denomination (with periodic detours into non-denominational churchland) woman whose favorite uniform is khakis, a polo shirt, and penny loafers.

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