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School of the Supernatural

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Are you hungry for more of God in your life?

The School of the Supernatural will launch you into a supernatural lifestyle with God like never before!

Your spiritual glass is half-empty if your Christian life consists only of good theology, good works, and just attending church - without a truly supernatural lifestyle.

Many believers, even those who are Spirit-filled, cannot claim to possess a fully supernatural life. Happy with an occasional taste of Heaven, they assume that such a goal is out of reach.

In this well-written and easy-to-understand manual, author Ryan Wyatt explains the interplay of the physical and spiritual worlds in a fresh way that shows you - beyond doubt - that a supernatural lifestyle is available to you as well.

School of the Supernatural:

  • * Demystifies the supernatural realm.
  • * Gives you the keys to live a supernatural lifestyle, here and now.
  • * Brings balance between biblical head-knowledge and actual spiritual experience.
  • * Clears up fear and misunderstanding stirred by the New Age movement.

Enroll today in the most thrilling and powerful school that will propel you forward into a realm of God s presence never before imagined!