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Set Your Family Free

Set Your Family Free

Bob Larson
Laura Larson

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One thing parents can do to thwart the enemy’s plan for their children is to give them a solid foundation in spiritual warfare and equip them with the tools to survive in our ever dangerous world.

The modern family is under spiritual attack!

In an increasingly hostile culture, traditional family life is mocked and marginalized. Children are bombarded with evil, dysfunction, and death. Too many homes have become a spiritual battleground where the sins of the parents morally pollute the next generation.

As a parent, the well-being of your child is a sacred responsibility. Maintaining the emotional health and stability of your marriage is a necessity.

Bob and Laura Larson have decades of experience in spiritual warfare, including exorcism and deliverance. They have ministered to tens of thousands worldwide while preserving a spiritually safe environment at home for their marriage and children.

In Set Your Family Free, you will learn spiritual warfare strategies to raise children who are equipped to be victorious over the devil’s attacks. You’ll also discover how to recognize a marriage in crisis and the steps to restore healthy, relational bonds. Other helpful tips include:

  • How to heal a home in crisis and give your children a spiritually clean slate.

  • Ways to speak blessings over your family with words that encourage and inspire.

  • Ten unique prayers that break curses and free your family from generational evil.

  • A frank discussion of intimacy and sexuality that couples must confront.

Learn the skills of intentional parenting to prepare your children for spiritual battle.


About Bob Larson About Laura Larson

About Bob Larson


Bob has written 30 books, translated into more than a dozen languages. His books include four best-selling novels: "Dead Air," "Abaddon," "The Senator's Agenda," and "Shock Talk." His 500-page handbook, "Larson's Book of Spiritual Warfare," is an encyclopedic reference about demons, the devil, and deliverance and represents a lifetime of research and experience. His 500-page classic work "Larson's Book of Cults" is a standard reference encyclopedia at many colleges and seminaries. His latest book is "Larson's Book of World Religions and Alternative Spirituality." Other books include "Straight Answers on the New Age"; "Satanism: the Seduction of America's Youth"; "In the Name of Satan"; "UFOs and the Alien Agenda"; and "Extreme Evil: Kids Killing Kids."

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