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Seven Days of God's Word for Every Need

Seven Days of God's Word for Every Need

Mark Stibbe

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For Whatever the Need...God Has the Answer!

Seven Days of God’s Word for Every Need is one-week's worth of powerful devotional readings, including easy-to-access Bible verses and inspirational messages for the needs that people face each day.

Taken from the full book, God's Word for Every Need, this mini digital devotional features practical life-applications of key Biblical texts. Discover how Scripture provides timeless guidance for daily living. When you know what God says about your needs, you can pray with clarity, knowing that you are praying His Word about your situation. You can also act with confidence, trusting that God has given you heaven’s solutions for every earthly problem.

About Mark Stibbe


Dr Mark Stibbe is an award winning Christian author who has over thirty popular books and five academic books in print. His first book was a collection of poems (published when he was 16). Many of his popular books have been bestsellers and his academic books are required reading in universities and seminaries all over the world. Recently Mark has taken to writing works of fiction and is currently developing a series of novels about an English Spy Vicar in the time of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars.

Mark has given himself to coaching writers and has been running a service called ‘The Script Doctor’. He is now the CEO and founder of KWS (Kingdom Writing Solutions), a holistic service for Christian writers. He is also a popular contributor at writer’s conferences and workshops.

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