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Snakes in the Temple

Snakes in the Temple

David Orton

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The Secret to Unlocking God’s Favor, Power, and Visitation

We hear about healings, miracles, dead-raisings and other breakthroughs happening in other parts of the world. Why not in our own nation? Despite our best church growth strategies, we tolerate a powerless, spiritually anemic culture.

In Snakes in the Temple, David Orton, boldly confronts modern idolatry in the church. He exposes its ancient roots and how it impacts every single believer—from church leadership to everyday Christians.

Open your eyes and discover how:

  • Idolatry is the hidden stronghold that prevents the church from enjoying God’s favor.
  • “The beast,” the spirit of Jezebel, and power structures of ministry leadership restrain breakthrough.
  • To break strongholds of idolatry and build new cultures based on Heaven’s blueprint.
  • God’s breakthrough solution to recapturing His presence and reaping the global harvest is deep repentance.

If you’re tired of doing church as usual, learn how to unmask this hidden idolatry and start experiencing the supernatural life God has made available today!

About David Orton

David Orton has served as a pastor, teacher, and ministry leader for over 40 years. He is a prophetic teacher and as the founder of Lifemessenger carries a word for breakthrough, particularly in the Western church and culture. Communicating through conferences, schools, publishing, and electronic media he has a vision of the holiness of God and of global transformation.

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