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The Altar of His Presence

The Altar of His Presence

Robert Stone

The results of “being filled with the Holy Spirit” begin with the Spirit breaking the power of the sin nature, followed by the isolation and suppression of that nature. This is followed by the person living by the guidance and sustaining energy of the Spirit. The result is the development of the fruit of the Spirit and a desire for the gifts of the Spirit.

Encounter God at the Altar

When we hear the word, “altar,” we often associate it with images of death and sacrifice or of surrender and yielding.

Although these associations do have their place, there is a New Covenant revelation of the altar that will usher your relationship with God into new experiential dimensions.

Robert Stone lays out a revelatory blueprint for you to take your intimacy with God to new, marvelous and wonderful levels.

You will:

  • Receive new revelationof how the biblical concept of the altar is a blueprint for you to experience the Holy Spirit more deeply
  • Gain new clarity in following the Holy Spirit’s leading
  • Experience deep spiritual fulfillment as you learn to fellowship with God on a more personal level
  • Enter into greater depths of worship where you can witness God’s glory more powerfully

This New Covenant revelation of the altar invites you into fresh encounters with God’s presence

About Robert Stone

Robert D. Stone is an author, minister, pastor and speaker. He is fully dedicated to seeing all believers experience deep spiritual renewal. Robert sees his mission in life as helping people experience the dynamic glory of God. His love for spiritual things is only outweighed by his matchless love for His Lord. Apprehended for and fully devoted to the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, Robert continues to teach and train others to experience, embrace and express God’s goodness, grace and glory through the manifest Presence of the Holy Spirit.

Robert has been married to his wife, Susan, for forty-one years. He is the founder and president of Destiny Reformation Ministries. Destiny Reformation Ministries continues to be focused on taking the gospel to and training leaders in several developing countries of the world. DRM has constructed churches and schools in the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America as well as in several East African nations.

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