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The Cleansing, Healing Power of the Blood (Digital Audiobook)

The Cleansing, Healing Power of the Blood (Digital Audiobook)

Sandra Kennedy

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The blood of Jesus announces your freedom!

One of Satan's greatest strategies is to magnify a believer's sins while minimizing God's forgiveness. To access the benefits of Jesus' blood, you need to learn how to agree with every promise and provision the cross has made available you. For all who long to live in the victory purchased by Jesus, this audiobook is for you! Dr. Kennedy offers a practical guide to accessing and enjoying the freedom earned by the blood of Jesus.

Right standing with God. Freedom from guilt and shame. Divine healing. Victory over strongholds of sin and bondage. 

Dr. Sandra Kennedy teaches the magnificent truth that God's forgiveness has no limits, and his power knows no bounds! 

Your sins and failures should not hold you back from believing and obeying God's word. Claim your freedom and step into your destiny today!

About Sandra Kennedy

Dr. Sandra Kennedy, at nine years of age, was told by the Lord, “One day I will use you in healing ministry.” And He has! She is Founder and Senior Pastor of Whole Life Ministries in Augusta, Georgia where she teaches the full gospel of Jesus Christ. She has been teaching the principles of healing for over thirty years and is passionate about helping people learn to walk in health and wholeness. She knows her subject matter well since she has been healed numerous times and has helped countless numbers of people receive their healing.

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