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The Future of Worship

The Future of Worship

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The Evolution of Corporate Worship

Are you weary of traditional, predictable, restricted, personality-driven, or entertainment-type worship that lacks authentic, spiritual connection?

The Future of Worship: Preparing the Church for a Tsunami of Change reveals the evolution of corporate worship from the time God introduces it to Moses and Israel until the time Christ comes to fulfill and return it to its original intent.

“The tsunami that is about to hit the church will wipe out everything that was insensitive to the ‘peculiar signs’ and did not move to higher ground,” writes the author, who aptly reveals what was right with worship—and what went wrong.

Chapter topics that help you experience a tangible

God-present worship experience include:

The Foundation of Sanctuary Worship

The Significance of the Tabernacle of David

The Who, What, When, Where and How of Worship

Applying Heavenly Attributes to Our Earthly Worship

The Future of Worship

Your traditions and expectations may be shaken a bit by the revelations in The Future of Worship—but your spirit will soar with anticipation!