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The God Watchers

Don Nori Sr.

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God Watchers are emerging all over the world. You know who they are. They see Him and do only what He is doing. They are shunned in life and revered in death; marginalized by man but essential to God's plan; feared by some but lead by God; they are the Voice crying in the wilderness.

"I'll only be satisfied when I can say 'I only do what I see my Father doing.'" —Don Nori, Sr.

About Don Nori Sr.


Don Nori Sr, along with his wife Cathy, have five great achievements in life. Jonathan, Donald Jr, Matthew, Joel and Stephan. He is married to the most patient woman in the universe. Don and Cathy have been married for 43 years. They founded Destiny Image Publishers in 1983 in obedience to a visitation of the Lord in the summer of 1982. Beginning in the living room of their small home, it has grown to an internationally respected company represented in every country of the world, in nearly 100 languages, millions of books distributed. They have published more African Americans than any other publisher in history.

Don has written 20 books of his own over the years. He is a respected Christian philosopher, entrepreneur, consultant and public speaker. He is an international Ambassador of world peace; recipient of the International Golden Rule Award and holds an honorary doctorate from the United Graduate College and Seminary International.

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