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The Sword and the Tambourine

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Armed for spiritual warfare!

You will be empowered to lay hold of your personal freedom and inheritance from the Lord and become a spiritual warrior for His Kingdom.

The Sword and the Tambourine is a powerful "training manual" to help new or hungry believers understand the invisible, supernatural reality of the Christian life. It provides proven practical tools to make worship and spiritual warfare a lifestyle - enabling you to stand your ground in the increasing darkness of current times.

Author Hanna Farwell paints a clear picture of how you can effectively shake the heavens as she reveals the significant meanings of symbols in Scripture, explores spiritual mapping, and uncovers the critical importance of prayer.

You will learn:

  • * When and how to advance spiritually.
  • * How to protect your home.
  • * About the role of the heavenly hosts.
  • * How to effectively live the Christian walk.
  • * How to wage warfare on the enemy.
  • * How to increase the effectiveness of your prayers, and much more.

You will be able to recognize and use the sword of the Spirit to become established and strong in worship and spiritual warfare. This comprehensive guide leads you into becoming the person God designed you to be!