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Unlocking Destinies from the Courts of Heaven (Audio Book)

Unlocking Destinies from the Courts of Heaven (Audio Book)

Robert Henderson

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The Official Courts of Heaven Series

This book is a follow up to Robert Henderson's bestselling Operating In the Courts Of Heaven. In this second volume of the Courts of Heaven Series, Henderson discusses the destinies of lives and nations from the legal dimension of the spirit.

About Robert Henderson

Robert Henderson is considered the Leading Authority on the Courts of Heaven. 

With a passion to see the Lord's Kingdom come to earth in a tangible way, Robert Henderson is a man of undistracted devotion. Considered the authority on the Courts of Heaven teaching, Robert Henderson has been given an apostolic teaching gift, demonstrations of signs and wonders, and a governmental authority that flows from the Throne of God. His teaching ministry through preaching and writing has gone around the world and impacted many believers. He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Mary for over 34 years. They have six children and four grandchildren. Together they are enjoying life in beautiful Midlothian, TX.

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