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Jim Woodford: "I Died and Spent 11 Hours in Heaven!"

September 18, 2017  //  Christian Rafetto

Jim Woodford, a former airline pilot, has seen much of the world from 30,000 feet. For most of his life he had no interest in serving God...read more

Ed Delph, David Lake: "Rhema: Hear First, Speak Second."

September 15, 2017  //  Christian Rafetto

If you truly hear from God, then God speaks through you as you speak. That is quite a statement, isn’t it? This type of thinking can be d...read more

Doug Addison: "The shaking is for Strengthening, Realignment, and Revival!"

September 11, 2017  //  Christian Rafetto

This time each year is important because it prophetically sets the course for the upcoming year. It is the time between the Jewish New Y...read more

Chuck Pierce: "Can a Nation be Restored?"

September 11, 2017  //  Christian Rafetto

The dictionary definition of restoration is “to revive and return to life” or “to bring back to a former or original condition.” This def...read more

James W. Goll: "Dramatic Dream Encounters"

September 11, 2017  //  Christian Rafetto

Dreams are known as "the sleep language," and since the time of creation God has brought divine revelation to mortal men and women while...read more

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