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Secrets of the Supernatural

February 22, 2018  //  Kevin L Zadai

  “You met Jesus face to face?!” people ask. “Yes!” I respond with excitement. Then, people usually want to know what Jesus looks like. I...read more

Watch: Victory Over Our Past

February 19, 2018  //  Bill Johnson

    Pastor Bill Johnson discusses how we, as believers, can achieve victory over our past.read more

9 Essential Elements of Church Planting

February 19, 2018  //  Elmer Towns

  There seems to be more focus on church planting in the past ten years than at any time in the recent past of church history. Why? Some ...read more

3 Tools for Spiritual Warfare

January 08, 2018  //  Germaine Copleand

  Today, our world is blessed to have the Internet, which connects us with God’s people from around the globe. There is one church in ma...read more

Who is Holy Spirit?

February 16, 2018  //  Michael Koulianos

    Michael Koulianos, author of Holy Spirit: The One Who Makes Jesus Real leads a live video study on the Holy Spirit.read more

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