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The Angel's Sword

August 20, 2018  //  Charity Virkler Kayembe

I define dreams as pictures God gives us at night while we are asleep, and visions as pictures God gives us during the day while we are a...read more

12 Biblical Points About Talking with Angels

August 20, 2018  //  Charity Virkler Kayembe

Everyday Supernatural In Scripture, we see that God uses angels to direct, encourage, protect, and instruct His people. Just like He uses...read more

A Simple Theology

August 17, 2018  //  Jason Clark

I love to write in coffee shops—the laid-back atmosphere, people meeting other people, most of the time happily. I also happen to be a...read more

Jesus Regional: Dallas

August 17, 2018  //  Jesus Regional

  Join Jesus Regional in Dallas, September 19 - 21, as we gather for a move of the convicting power of the Holy Ghost. We are so honore...read more

Amazing Encounters with Angels and the Invisible World

August 13, 2018  //  Jamie Galloway

Seer Jamie Galloway says the invisible realm will be busy in the coming days! We need more seers connected to the heart of God. Is th...read more

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