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Prophetic Word: It’s FINAL JEOPARDY! Will We Seize the Supernatural Opportunity?

May 17, 2018  //  Robert Henderson

Most people in America would be familiar with the long running television game show JEOPARDY with host Alex Trebek. The show’s concept is...read more

Prophetic Word: "Stay Connected to the Pipeline"

May 23, 2018  //  Kathy Degraw

"Stay connected to the pipeline" were the words that cycled in my spirit as I recently worshiped the Lord. I had an idea of what a pipeli...read more

The Answer is Jesus' Blood!

May 23, 2018  //  Sandra Kennedy

Throughout my years in ministry, I have repeatedly encountered people who are hungry for more of God— those who desperately want to quit ...read more

Jesse Duplantis: "Sandra Kennedy's Book is Powerful!"

May 23, 2018  //  Jesse Duplantis

Dr. Sandra Kennedy is a wonderful woman of God whom my wife and I have known and respected for many years. She has the unique ability to ...read more

It's All About the Blood!

May 23, 2018  //  Sandra Kennedy

  Dr. Sandra Kennedy preaches on the power of Jesus' blood. read more

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