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God's Goodness in Crisis

October 09, 2017  //  Bill Johnson

How do you minister God’s goodness to friends or family who are going through difficult times? "Friends and family are the hardes...read more

Dreaming God's Dreams

September 17, 2018  //  Bill Johnson

  God gives us blessings for the purpose of revealing His love to us, and in doing so, that our affections would continually be drawn t...read more

Wisdom, Creativity, Excellence, & Integrity

September 17, 2018  //  Bill Johnson

What we think is possible during our lifetime has a radical effect on our approach to life. The believer has an advantage as we have the ...read more

How to Employ Your Angels

September 14, 2018  //  Charity Virkler Kayembe

Are you looking for a way to get through to your unsaved friend or child or parent, but there seems to be a spiritual block as they just ...read more

Interview with Ben Fitzgerald

September 14, 2018  //  Larry Sparks

   read more

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