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Chris Gore: "The Foundation for Miracles"

July 22, 2016  //  Christian Rafetto

In the late ‘90s I went to my senior pastor one day and declared to him that I was going to commence a lifetime fast until I saw breakthr...read more

Amber Picota: "A Different Kind of Girl"

July 18, 2016  //  Christian Rafetto

"Daddy’s girl," "Tomboy," "Bossy," "Loud," "Hyper," "A wild Indian"… These are a few of the words and phrases used to describe me during ...read more

James Goll: "Seers, Prophecy, and Waiting on the Lord"

July 11, 2016  //  Christian Rafetto

Both Scripture and experience reveal that God imparts prophetic words in a number of ways. All prophecy comes from God through the Holy ...read more

Jordan Rubin: "The Daniel Miracle"

July 11, 2016  //  Christian Rafetto

If I mentioned the name Daniel in connection with the Bible, the first words most people would associate him with are “lion’s den.” Su...read more

Don Nori Sr: "The Praying Nation"

July 05, 2016  //  Christian Rafetto

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord..."(Psalm 33:12).  A Praying Nation is a Powerful Nation A praying nation has confidence an...read more

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