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Bill Hamon: "Your Spirit Language"

May 15, 2017  //  Christian Rafetto

God has done—and continues to do—many miracles, but I consider two of His miracles to be superior to the rest. The first of the two great...read more

Charity Kayembe: "7 Tips for Improving Dream Recall"

May 10, 2017  //  Christian Rafetto

I am often asked what to do if you can’t remember your dreams. It can be frustrating to know that you had a dream, but you can’t quite p...read more

Larry Sparks: "The True Force"

May 03, 2017  //  Christian Rafetto

One thing I look for in the books we publish are messages that stir hunger and expectation for encounters with God.  One phrase I've bee...read more

Bethel Church Pastor Bill Johnson: Here's How to Share the Peace of God's Presence

May 03, 2017  //  Christian Rafetto

Originally posted by The Gospel Herald Ministries. Read the original article here. Bill Johnson, Senior Pastor of Bethel Church, has s...read more

Sandra Kennedy: "Keep Your Eyes on Jesus"

April 27, 2017  //  Christian Rafetto

Let’s imagine Jesus saying to us, “If you keep your eyes on Me, you can walk on water!” Peter did it. Why was he able to do such a phenom...read more

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