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Bob Sorge Talks About Worship

September 21, 2018  //  Bob Sorge

My friend, Jeff Deyo, is the real deal. For him, the movements of the heart are more important than the reasoning of the mind. Relationsh...read more

Awakening Pure Worship

September 21, 2018  //  Jeff Deyo

read more

I Don't Understand Worship

September 21, 2018  //  Jeff Deyo

You’ve wondered, haven’t you? Wondered if it was really possible to cultivate that one-on-one, deeper-than-deep, BFF-type relationship wi...read more

God's Goodness in Crisis

October 09, 2017  //  Bill Johnson

How do you minister God’s goodness to friends or family who are going through difficult times? "Friends and family are the hardes...read more

Dreaming God's Dreams

September 17, 2018  //  Bill Johnson

  God gives us blessings for the purpose of revealing His love to us, and in doing so, that our affections would continually be drawn t...read more

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