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Founder's Moment: How Long Will You Tend The Fire?

May 21, 2018  //  Don Nori Sr.

   read more

Bill Johnson: Keep the fire burning on the altar!

May 21, 2018  //  Bill Johnson

  Bill Johnson discusses revival, John and Carol Arnott's faithfulness to steward the movement of the Holy Spirit, and how you can pre...read more

Cindy Jacobs: Prophetic Declaration

May 21, 2018  //  Michael-David

  Cindy Jacobs, an internationally recognized prophetic church leader, speaks over the Harpella, a new electric harp designed by Michae...read more

Prophetic Harp Music and Worship in Dance

May 21, 2018  //  Michael-David

  Color releases the song of the heart. The song releases the body to dance. We dance the colors in the movement of music. It is all o...read more

The Fingerprints of God

May 21, 2018  //  Michael-David

Astronomers and astrophysicists observe that all matter in the cosmos is currently accelerating away from itself in all directions. Imagi...read more

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