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Watch: "Prophetic Word About U.S. Embassy in Israel"

December 08, 2017  //  Christian Rafetto

Watch Dr. Hakeem Collins​' prophetic word about the US embassy in Israel being moved to Jerusalem. This show was recorded on August...read more

Ana Werner: "Prophetic Word: Prophetic Clarity Will Carry You Through This Season"

December 06, 2017  //  Cavet Leibensperger

Clarity of Focus Will Carry You Through We can look at Nehemiah in the Bible as a groundbreaker. In his time, he was a person whom the...read more

Larry Sparks: "3 Spiritual Wells that Every Prophet and Prophetic Person Needs to Cultivate"

December 06, 2017  //  Christian Rafetto

Prophets need to intentionally dig and draw from these 3 wells in order to maintain prophetic ACCURACY, INTEGRITY and POWER. 1. The We...read more

Watch: Jennifer LeClaire - "Calling All Seers"

December 06, 2017  //  Christian Rafetto

Seers are often misunderstood and rejected because the gift is sometimes harder to express and interpret than other prophetic operati...read more

Watch: Rich Marshall - God@Work (Episode 1)

December 04, 2017  //  Christian Rafetto

You don't have to "go into the ministry." The kingdom of God is in you to BE the ministry, everywhere you go! Pastor and author, Rich Ma...read more

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